Hello, my name is Taha Ismail.

22 y/o Filmmaker & Visual Artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Currently based in London.

Past award-winning and nominated works are:

Lost In The Past

Dhaka’s Finest

GTA Dhaka City Stories

Email: directorshaheb@gmail.com

I’m an award winning, self-taught independent Filmmaker & Visual Artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh - Currently based in London. Being passionate about the visual arts since a very young age, I started my filmmaking journey at the age of 15. I ran an online content network for 5 years prior to moving to the UK to study Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne, London. I enjoy experimenting, so my work consists of different styles, techniques and subject matters - ranging from short films, music videos, web series, promos to sketches - from which several projects have gone on to become internet sensations. I am usually involved in the filmmaking process from pre to post production, but I mainly specialise in writing, directing and editing. For smaller freelance projects, I am able to produce complete films single handedly from start to finish. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss any commissions or collaboration enquiries!